Aim studio's is the first and last stop needed to bring your music alive.


Quotes Came across Danny C ' AIM Studios ' around 2005/6 kind of times, we recorded the UK garage Smash Magic together. In my time of going to AIM studio i saw many many known faces from the likes of Wretch 32 , Chip , Tinchy Stryder , Wiley , Katy B just to name a few. Danny C has a great rep of studio sessions and i highly recommend any one looking for vocal recording to mix downs to go there. Quotes
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Quotes Only the best graduate from the AIM School of Danny C, this is where I learnt most of what I know!! Quotes
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Quotes "As a musician wanting to step up to the next level, you have two choices: Walk into a typical recording studio, see four walls covered in defunct, redundant pieces of equipment, get blinded by tech talk, condescended and told right from wrong to better suit a poor engineer and part with all your money for the trouble OR Visit AIM and get levels of advice bordering artist development, encouragement, a highly skilled and experienced mentor and more importantly, the truth, all for an unbeatable rate! There is only one choice. The passion and commitment shown at AIM studios towards each individuals unique style and project is unparalleled. Danny C has the key to the door. He knows his craft inside-out and understands the vision and goals of each artist like no other. This is common knowledge amongst the most successful of the UK music scene. Make the right choice and book your session now!" -Sketchman Quotes
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